Art Teacher

Svyatoslav Korsun

Профессиональный художник-живописец.



He was born on September 22, 1968 in Simferopol, in the family of Crimean ceramist Korsun L.V.

Since my childhood I have been interested in ceramics and painting
He graduated from the KSU. N.S. Samokisha is a teacher of drawing and drawing.
At the end of the school he moved to Sumy where he worked as an artist in the aesthetics bureau of the PP “Khimprom”, as well as as a teacher of special disciplines in the School. Sumy city.

Participated in the creation of the Department of Decorative and Applied Art in the Sumy College of Arts and Culture named after Bortnyansky from 1994. Where he worked as a teacher of painting and ceramics before

Participant of the international symposium of ceramics “Raku” in Akhtyrka of Sumy region in 1995 and 1996. Followed by a series of exhibitions in Sumy, Kiev, Kharkov.

A repeated participant and organizer of ceramic planners of fiery sculpture in
from. Mogritsa of the Sumy region, later transformed into a land-art film “Territory of the borderland” (“Prostir pogordonnya”).
A participant in the second symposium of monumental ceramics in the village of Oposhnya in the Poltava region.

In 2000 he moved to Kiev where he created ceramics production. Art director, production director, gypsum maker.

From 2004 to 2011 he was engaged in monumental painting of private objects and temple complexes in the cities of Kiev and Kharkov.

Since 2013 lives in the village. Passing the Simferopol district. He regularly participated in the exhibitions and fairs of the People’s Creative Association Ornek.

Participated and directed the painting of the new mosque in the city of Belogorsk in co-authorship with the well-known Crimean Tatar artist Mamut Churlu.
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