Art Teacher

Oleg Dolgikh

Teacher of the Art School


Teacher of the school of painting Kiev Art School.



Dnipropetrovsk Theatrical Art College

– Easel painting;


Artist-teacher; Artist-performer;

Since 2014.

National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture

– Easel and monumental painting;

Exhibitions in Dnepropetrovsk:

“Sicheslavsky Plener” 2011, 2012, 2013. The National Union of Artists of Ukraine

«Charivni Barvy Dnipra» 2012, 2013. National Academy of Arts of Ukraine

“Young XXIst” 2012, 2013. NSHU

Organizer and participant of the exhibition “Night Plener” 2014.

«Museum of Ukrainian Painting»

Charity auction “World” 2014. “Museum of Ukrainian Painting”


Studio “Power of Art”; 4 months He worked with both adults and children

Student “Renesans”, Dnepropetrovsk; 5 months Adult group

Tutoring at home;

Personal qualities:

Sociable, purposeful, diligent, punctual. I know the techniques of painting in different materials. A good base of academic education, knowledge of the formation of anatomy and the fundamentals of composition. I can teach the academic base of painting, drawing and composition on a professional level.

I work with the methods of teaching old masters, artists and teachers.