Why Should I?

21-08-19 kievartschool 0 comment

One of the most common reasons people do not join the martial arts is because they do not understand why it is important. Many times when people hear about the martial arts, they do not even consider becoming a practitioner because they feel that they have nothing to gain. With this thought in mind, they begin to come up with excuses why they should not or can not become a martial artist.

The first and most common excuse is money. People feel that they can not afford the extra expenses. While there are cases where a martial arts school is too expensive for people, unfortunately as it is, these schools are not where one would want to train anyways. Not to be prejudice against any school, but most of your franchise school are really not what any real martial artist would call a school. However, if you feel you can not afford real training, you're sadly mistaken. For the most part, a truly good school will be well within the average family's budget. This is because real instructors and real martial artists are teaching not to get rich, but to help enlighten their students. Many have actually said that they only charge tuition so they can pay for their school.

The second major excuse is more common to younger adults. This is that they do not need it, and they can already defend themselves. While some people may be able to hold their own in a fight, training can never hurt. Furthermore, when these people ever come in contact with a martial artist, whether in a fight or a seminar, they always end up humiliating themselves. The truth is, the only way to be good at fighting is to live fighting. Furthermore, there exist only two groups of people in the world that live fighting; soldiers and martial artist.

The third major reason why people do not join is because they feel that they are physically impossible. While the laws of reality do apply, most people can become martial artist. Of course if you are paralleled from the neck down, or currently in a coma, it is not possible for you to train in the martial arts. For everyone else though, there is not a problem. There are many practitioners who have started after fifty, and some even as late as seventy. There are also a great majority of permanently disabled who have trained. These have ranged from people with down syndrome, to people with autism, to those with ADD, ADHD, and other learning disabilities, to even the mobility impaired.

There really no true excuse why you can not do the martial arts, and so many reasons why. Not only does it make you better prepared in case of an attack, it also helps you socially and psychologically as well. It's a great confidence builder which will allow you to have the courage to follow your dreams, and it's also a great discipline. Many people have entered the martial arts as "lost souls" and left as leaders and role models of their community.

Source by Frank Heinen