What Can You Learn At Art School?

21-08-19 kievartschool 0 comment

One of the things many people say as they get older is that they wish they had gone somewhere like art or music at school or at college which would give them that bit more satisfaction from their life. It is a sad fact that many people as they approach middle age, tend to have regrets about what they have chosen to do with their life. Luckily though, it is never too late to go back to Art College and learn about something you always wanted. This of course holds true for people of any age too.

Here is some information on what you will have to look forward to if you do apply and get accepted.

Art History

One of the first major classes you will have will focus on art history. For people who have a natural affinity to modern art, these are of study may make you want to stay in bed all day but it is very important part of art school. Knowing the history of art will give you a mature outlook on your own style of painting and will allow you to have as rounded an opinion as possible about all the many paintings and sculptures that people generally refer to as the classics. Being able to follow styles of art and also the particular methods used by certain artists will allow you to transfer all the perceptions people have about that piece on to your own with a skilfully homage to your subject.

Technical Skill

Art school will of course teach you all the technical skills you need to be able to produce pieces in a range of mediums. You will learn about brush technique and selection, how to create affects using different art materials and proper use of easels. It will teach you about creating depth using shadows and perspective and about how to play with people's perceptions to provoke an appropriate response to your work.

Emotional Skill

An important skill you will also learn is how to get in touch with your emotions. Often a teacher will ask you to try and draw out the emotions of your subject and reproduce them on the page. This will help you to explore your own emotional maturity. Photography is popular form of artistic expression which has touched all our lives through newspapers and films, and art school can teach you how to capture those key moments that will really grab an audience or convey a message which gets a response. After all, a picture tells a thousand words.

Source by Sam Qam