The Preventative Effect of Art Lessons For Kids – Becoming a Successful Adult

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While the immediate effect of a children's art lesson is identical, the long-term effects that they have on that child as he or she grows and becomes an adult are unclear. A variety of new studies and psychology experts say art lessons for kids and creative opportunities may be the best ways adults can be successful and innovative on and off the job. Without this creative edge and the ideas they emphasize, many adults hold back and never really discover their true selves and abilities.

Fear Of Failure

One of the most common drawbacks of missing a children's art lesson or other creative opportunity is the creation of one of the biggest fears that is extremely hard for adults to overcome – the fear of failure. Art lessons for kids allow them to create openly and freely, without being concerned about the consequences if they are wrong. This concept allows adults to expand and experiment with new ideas and concepts that often lead to amazing discoveries. Some of the world's most important creations came into existence because someone rejected this fear.

Fear Of Mistakes

Failure and mistakes are a vital component of creative success. Called creative problem solving, mistakes are used as a learning tool, rather than a cause for shame and embarrassment. This is often where adults stop. Recent studies have found that creative individuals make far more mistakes and are less efficient than their frustrated counterparts. While they may need to try solving the same problem numerous times, they come up with more solutions. Some of these may be better than standard solutions, but it is not always the case. Those who lacked art lessons for kids and other creative outlets begin to freeze up.

Fear Of Standing Out

A children's art lesson shows children that standing out from the crowd is not as bad as society leads us to believe. They learn the benefits of being different in a positive way have more benefits than hiding in the crowd. The same is true for adults. Whether you think about industry leading experts, singers, or scientists, all of them have experienced the benefits of being different from others in their field.


Art lessons for kids teach children to be flexible and deal with the challenges that arrive. The creativity they explore during a children's art lesson arms them with the tools that need to solve problems and deal with the unexpected. Studies have shown that those who do not get the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity are far more likely to panic when something changes or unexpected events enter into the picture.

Along with these important lessons comes a self-confidence that is not easily shaken. Art lessons for kids teach that making a mistake, experiencing a failed attempt, and dealing with the unexpected are not the end of the world. They often experience a higher level of personal satisfaction and a higher level of drive and determination. In the end, a children's art lesson can play a large role in an individual's success through their life and give them the confidence they need to be truly happy.

Source by Chris A. Harmen