The Healing Attributes of Mixed Media Art Lessons

21-08-19 kievartschool 0 comment

Contrary to public opinion, art is not strictly aesthetic. It is not a product with no possible effects outside the obvious – an imaginative product. Art is not of less use as compared to science in preparing individuals for the real world. Actually, the opposite holds true. Art is really important in assisting the brain reach its total potential.

How does art accomplish this? It introduces the brain to different cognitive skills which help us unravel intricate problems. Art triggers the creative part of our brain – the section that works without words and could only convey itself non-verbally. Art, in thought as well as through the creative processes, triggers the imaginative as well as creative side, the spatial and instinctive side of our brain. Art jumps over the process of linear and logical thinking. It teaches the brain to shift into thinking differently, of broaching old problems in new ways.

Why might the arts provide such advantages? Artistic processes restore a sense of identity and agency. It reminds people that they're a great deal more than simply a disease process or a diagnosis. Some scientists believe that such feelings of control plus mastery induces a rise in the production of disease-fighting cells. A 2004 study found that HIV-positive sufferers who engaged in painting exercises specifically designed to help them process upsetting events, had greater levels of a particular group of white blood cells known as CD4 lymphocytes.

Other research shows different mechanisms through which art may improve health. Individuals who were pleased with their art work had lower levels of cortisol, a hormone that is a marker for anxiety. Quite simply, artistic engagement does not simply make people feel better within the moment-it may protect their well-being by boosting their natural defenses. The art distracts the patients, forcing them to consider something else other than the pain they may be experiencing within therapy. And with the illnesses going around through the world today, we must surround ourselves with beauty.

Mixed Media Art Lessons In Los Angeles could really be a cure. For people coping with psychosis as well as those people who have not experienced psychosis, there can be a large gap in understanding. In a broad sense, art could be an efficient tool where those who are unfamiliar with the landscape of psychosis can be provided an insight into the complex and often beguiling medical problem. On a more personal level, for persons caring for someone who is living with psychosis art could be a great way to gain comprehension of the individual's subjective experience. In this medical condition, in which the reality experienced by someone in the midst of psychosis could be very different from the truth felt by others, art can be taken as a way to connect the distance between these receivers.

Source by Clara Berta