The Benefits of Art & Craft For Children

21-08-19 kievartschool 0 comment

In the current Singapore school curriculum, art lessons have been a mainstay among the subjects taught in school. When I was in school, I was not really fantastic at art, but I would just let my imagination run wild and drew whatever that comes to my mind. Of course, whether or not the art pieces gets a distinction grade or a failure grade is another matter. Let us look at the various benefits of art and craft lessons for our children.

1. Art builds up physical co-ordination. Actions involved like painting, drawing, cutting, gluing, and joining helps to improve motor coordination in your child.

Creativity. Doing art and craft is a way of allowing the child to express himself other than words and actions. In short, it breeds creativity. After all, we want our child to grow up and be creative adults right?

3. A sense of achievement and satisfaction. Children are often proud of something which they've completed themselves. Here, upon finishing an art piece, it will give them a sense of satisfaction and builds up confidence too.

4. Spending time together. Art and craft can be a family activity, and parents can spend time with their children as a form of bonding activity.

5. Improve concentration. Art teachers a child to focus on one thing at hand and also inculcates perseverance and to learn to ignore distractions.

6. Planning skills. Without proper planning, a perfect masterpiece will not result. The child needs to analyze and do some careful planning prior to starting the art piece.

Source by Justine Lee