The Art of Posing Models

21-08-19 kievartschool 0 comment

There are so many modeling resources now a days. You have TV shows like America's Next Top Model, movies, magazines and even websites like talenttrove guiding everyone to become a model. But, one of the most notable themes I see in all of these resources is the photographer. The photographer sets up all of the shoots and scenes and the themes of each photo. Sure, these models have been professionally trained and without a doubt add to the effect of each photo, but it's the photographer that guides each models pose.

To capture the perfect picture the photographer has to be a jack-of-all-trades. He is directing, managing and even acting as a psychologist. The way each model models in a picture is the direct result of the photographers. Here are 3 examples of how models at different ages are prompted by the photographer to pose.

Posing Babies:
Posing babies is probably the most difficult task for a photographer. Babies are almost entirely out of control. Their moods are unstable and they require a lot of attention. The baby's environment is the key to a good pose. Having a playpen, highchair and the baby's parents nearby are necessities to keep the baby happy. Staging lots of toys will assure a happy expression from the baby model.

Posing Children:
As a baby grows into a child, he obviously becomes easier to control. Considering that most children live in a "fantasy world" it is fairly easy to get them to pose and act out the desired scene. Most children and children models enjoy having their pictures taken and it becomes almost natural for them to adapt to their setting while their photo is being snapped. Creating games and interacting with the child during and between photos should allow for some great poses.

Posing Adults:
Adults generally care a great deal about their appearance and will pose with effort causing them to lose the natural acting ability that children possess. The photographer typically has to place the adult models into the poses and coach them through the photo shoot. At times, photographers take blank pictures allowing the model to loosen up. By the time the photographer is ready for the real pictures the model has warmed up to the camera.

Source by Will Mckay