State-Of-The-Art Resources to Revolutionize Bible Lessons For Children

21-08-19 kievartschool 0 comment

The communication of Bible truth continues to be relevant and significant in our post-modern age. For Christians this is due to the fact that the Bible takes character from its Author – God – and therefore it is eternal and unchanging. Its lessons are timeless and important in every generation. Tragically there is a very evident lack of knowledge of the Bible among today's youth. Stories known and versions quoted by an older generation have largely been lost by their successors. Not only does this erode a knowledge and understanding of how our civilization and culture has been shaped by a Judaeo-Christian background; it attacks the very moral fiber of society and the principles God has in place for our protection and blessing. The Creator knows what is best for his creation!

Through becoming acquainted with Bible stories, children learn valuable lessons for life – the difference between right and wrong, the examples of good and bad characters and the corresponding conquests of their actions, how they should treat other people, and above all, learn of God and his provision for our redemption through the death of his son, Jesus Christ, that our sins can be forgiven and we can have an eternal relationship with him.

Recapturing the importance of passing on Bible stories for children is essential, not only at church but also in schools and at home. Educators have sound, biblically-based National Curriculum guidelines for Religious Education to facilitate this and now there is the production of cutting-edge resources to support and enhance your teaching. Often teachers and students have been put off the subject of Religious Education because the available resources are out-dated, dog-eared and completely unattractive, and of course, making interesting resources is so time-consuming when much else clamours for you attention as a teacher.

The recent publication of state-of-the-art images on flashcards, PowerPoint presentations and DVDs means teachers are now equipped with resources which are en par with the latest materials in other educational subjects. The technology harnesses the power of image to keep children entertained, helping them connect more with the characters, and inscribe the stories clearly in young minds. The graphics used have a wide age-range appeal due to the dramatic effect they create.

This will revolutionize the way you present Bible lessons for children, bringing them to life and maximizing impact. These professional resources will ensure that you and your children take Bible lessons seriously and will revive the due importance of the Bible in a younger generation.

Source by Alan SL