Seven Factors in Deciding What Makes a Great Art School

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Deciding what makes a great art school is quite often very personal. There are a variety of issues which can contribute to a school being a great art school. This article will consider seven of these issues.

1. School Location
The location of the school is very important. An art school needs to be located in an area which has practicing artists. Artists need to be able to be inspired, and to be surrounded by creativity. For an artist, these qualities of a location will be very important. The location will also need to be accessible, and will have links to other areas of the community in general.

2. Art School Faculty
The faculty employed at the school will also be important. The teaching faculty should be practicing artists in their own right. As established artists, they will be up to date on many of the modern techniques, and materials in use. With this current knowledge, they will be in a position to be able to guide student artists, as they progress, and develop new skills.

3. Art Classes and Curriculum
A world class, accredited curriculum is an essential of any good school. In the arts, there will be a basic level of knowledge and skills which all artists will need to develop. As the artists develop, they will diversify into a multitude of strands. The curriculum of a world class school will be able to encourage this diversity. Some of this diversity will mean that students will want and need to work at unusual hours. A great art school will use a variety of instructional mediums, and will run classes at a variety of times.

4. Art School Facilities
Technology is changing constantly. This is also true within the art world. Artists are finding new ways of using technology to accomplish their visions on a daily basis. If an art training establishment is to keep training artist, the school will need to be constantly updating its art facilities.

5. Connections and Networking
Aspiring artists all have dreams. To be encouraged to achieve those dreams, will be a key factor in an artist's training. A great school will have industry links, which will provide inspiration. The students will be able to participate in internships with leading industry figures. And, the alumni of the school will be an encouragement to the current students, because of their success.

6. School Tuition & Affordability
All college courses cost money. For a student to participate in a program of study without too much financial pressure, the school will need to be affordable. In art courses, there will also be a lot of incidental expenses, as materials are consumed and creativity is developed. These additional costs need to be affordable also.

7. Student Housing
Art students at residential colleges will be needing somewhere to live, where they can create. An excellent art college will provide student housing in a range of settings, which will meet the needs of art students. In addition, art students will need the usual facilities, which other students require. Cooking facilities and meals will need to be available. Leisure and recreational activities will also need to be accessible. The range of these activities provided by the school will help to determine whether it is a great school.

What makes an art school a great art school has been examined in this article. Top art schools need to have a range of facilities. They also need to have flexible, multi-format curriculum's, taught by top working art professionals. A great art college will be located near to, and linked to, other artists. Finally, what makes a school, a great school, is the perception of the students who attend.

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