How to Reference in Academic Writing

21-08-19 kievartschool 0 comment

In academic writing, it is very common that we should always include references in our writings in order to add a clear information that will support your content. Many students treat referencing and citation as an add-on activity. It's not. In many ways, it is a cruel aspect of academic work. More than training you in the proper manner of giving credit where it is due, it helps you both develop your mind critically and evaluate sources in a more rigid manner.

The work of reference should begin as soon as you start taking notes from a source. Get into the habit of taking down details about sources at the same time you take useful notes from them. While you can always leave digging up about the original source later, you're more likely to misplace it or forget about it going this route.

Here are a few other useful pieces of advice:

  • Follow the prescribed standard as outlined in your class brief. If there is none, use standing conventions in your field of discipline.
  • Put yourself in the readers' shoes when you write your references. Can they understand where an information is sourced based on what you've done? Will they able to trace the original material easily using your writing?
  • Be consistent. Include the same details among all the entries in your citation page. If you need help including this, you can use a bibliography writing software.
  • Use a style writing software to ensure adherence to the conventions you're trying to follow.

Source by Jane Sumerset