Free Artist Websites for Students Is A Great Business Idea

21-08-19 kievartschool 0 comment

This is not a gimmick, free artist websites, specifically for art students, is a great business idea. Especially if you are a start up business that is able to offer such an opportunity. Not only do the students, who are able to set up their website for absolutely nothing, go on to build an online presence for themselves that will hopefully be skilled boosting and personally gratifying, but your start up business will benefit from some serious feedback.

Let me tell you why offering free artist websites to students is a great idea; why it made my business better, and the specifics of how it did so.

The Holy Grail

Firstly, free is the holy grail, no matter what the product, industry or motivation of the buyer. Human nature dictates that, when buying something deemed non-essential to our survival; something for nothing is best.

In the case of students, this is even more true. Money must be persevered for school books, tuition fees, rent and, of course, alcohol. So, from the student point of view, a free artist website is a great business idea. It's money saving.

Career Boost in the Arts When it's Really Needed

Students are a particularly vulnerable section of society for the reason that they have not really gotten anywhere in terms of their career yet. Everything hangs in the balance of grades, experience and their attitude to making the most out of their educational experience, and understanding how that will translate to a career afterwards. Students are mistaken if they think that good grades alone will serve them well in the world of work.

Art students are a particularly vulnerable group. Lots of art students graduate every year, and have to jostle for a place in the art world spot light. By offering them a free artist website before they graduate, that means that they can start to build a real world profile for themselves, while still in the safe clutches of their educational institution. That career head start is another reason why free websites for art students is a great business idea.

The Return

While obviously grateful for the opportunity, students are also very vocal when it comes to letting people know what they want, and how they want it. For that reason, it was a great idea to give away free artist websites to students because straight away they were able to say what they liked, disliked, and would like to see with their websites in the future.

This is where the business benefit came in for me, and can come in for you too if you apply this model of behavior to your own business. You will find out what your business does well, and what it does not do so well. You will find out where the weaknesses are, and also the strengths. You should use this information to promote your strengths, and work to build on the weaknesses.

The Model

The model is very simple. Considering that it helped me to iron out a lot of creases in my business, and make it much better for all of my customers, it was such a straightforward thing to implement.

1. Seek out and speak to students.

2. Make your offer, noting the benefits – no catches allowed.

3. Watch the take up, and listen to the feedback.

4. Implement change.

Source by Alex Duveen