Digital Art Schools

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Students who want to pursue careers in digital design now have more opportunities to formally train and graduate with actual degrees, thanks to the emergence of digital art schools. A student will learn all about print and web digital designs through guided curriculums. However, before you enroll in a digital art school, it is wise to do your research first, so that you'll know what to expect. Read on for some pointers.

Skills you'll learn in a digital art schools

Expect to learn almost all digital design techniques in a digital art school. During your first months, you may be taught fundamentals covering basic art and computer concepts such as color theory. You will also be taught digital composition, layout and typography, graphic design and drawing board skills.

Expect to be taught more specialized techniques as your progress. Over and above the primary digital art skills you will learn in your first years, detailed techniques in specific software will also be taught. These detailed techniques cover the basic and the latest illustration software, advanced desktop publishing, etc. You will be taught all kinds of photo editing programs, creation of three-dimensional shape designs and offset printing.

Careers after digital art schools

Graduates of digital art schools are not limited to just creating artistic media used in print, computer demonstrations and the web. They also find employment in diverse creative fields like graphic designers. Some become production artists, assistant designers, assistant art directors, art directors, production coordinators for movies incorporating digital imagination and computer artists. Remember that the digital design industry is very fast paced and challenging. In order to survive, you must be knowledgeable of the latest digital design trends and technologies.

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