Creating Karate Lesson Plans That Are Fun, Easy & Interesting For Kids

21-08-19 kievartschool 0 comment

Karate lesson plans are at the heart of any successful martial arts school. Keeping your students motivated will keep the money rolling into your Dojo. Here are some tips to create martial arts lesson plans that help make karate fun for kids without making you crazy.


Don’t use the same Katas week after week. Giving your karate students new and interesting martial arts drills will not only keep them focused, but coming back for more. Students quitting because they are bored is the #1 reason karate schools lose students – don’t let this happen to you!


Incorporate some high energy music into your classes. Make sure the music has a good driving beat. Keep them moving…a class that doesn’t slow down is a class that more students will come back to.


Never come into class without having something new to teach your students. Giving them fresh, new content each week will keep them coming back and will also keep your interest up as well. After all, if you are interested in your classes, they will be too.

Preparation, unique drills and high energy are all key in helping to make your martial arts school a success! Again, let me stress that the #1 way to lose a student is to do the same drills over and over again each week. The only problem was coming up with these unique drills each week to keep my students motivated – but I found a resource that worked. It was extremely simple too.

Source by Robert C. Williamson