Choosing Culinary Art Schools – How and Why!

21-08-19 kievartschool 0 comment

If you have ever thought about culinary school or a culinary degree then you need to know and remember a few things when it comes to choosing your program. Most schools offer certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees. Along with that many school offer certain specialties where you can learn more about a particular area of ​​interest. All in all every school is different; some are small while others are in major metropolitan areas. This creates a problem when trying to choose a program but first of all what are the bonuses of getting the degree?

1. Many schools have extremely high job placement ratings. These ratings range from 90% to 98% depending on the school. If you think about it, most other colleges do not come close to that placement rate. It sure beats a degree in history!

2. You get practical experience. At most university programs you sit in a class and philosophize over what means what. Sadly, at the end of the day your thoughts will not be able to get your experience. At culinary schools you get on the job training while doing this type of learning at the same time.

3. Salaries Only Get Higher. A recent study shown that executive chef salaries are going to increase at a higher rate than normal. In all seriousness you probably will be making $ 40,000 when you graduate but after a few years and a few promotions you could have made in excess of $ 75,000. Sounds pretty good for doing what you love.

If this has convinced you to pursue the degree then there are three things you must think about when choosing a culinary arts school.

1. Geography Means Something! When choosing a school think about the location. If you want to get a job in a big city then it helps to go to school there. By the time you get done you may have made some major connections in order to get the job you want. This is not to say that going somewhere outside of NYC makes you unable to get a job there but it would certainly help.

2. Specialties Help! Find out if the schools you are looking at have specialties. If you want to create desserts then you would be better off going to a school with that specialization. If you are unsure of your interests then go to a school with a lot of options. Putting yourself in that position will help you in the future.

3. Accreditation! This is very important. There are about six associations that accreditation school programs in culinary arts. Make sure that your culinary degree or culinary school is on one of these lists. This will ensure that your degree is respected by the community of professionals. Good Luck!

Source by Jack Stanton