Art Schools Are not Just for Art

21-08-19 kievartschool 0 comment

Years ago, art schools typically were limited to those who had artistic ability and were interested in drawing, painting, and more traditional artistic careers. Now art schools offer a wide range of programs, certificates, and degrees that will satisfy any creative talent by offering many career opportunities and options.

Art schools now offer programs ranging from Advertising, Dancing and Choreography, Art, Music, Game Art and Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, to Interior Design and Culinary Management. If you are interested in fashion, some schools also offer Fashion and Retail Management, as well as Media Arts and Animation. Interested in acting? Art schools offer training in that area, as well as film and video editing, audio and video equipment technicians, camera and motion pictures. These are just a few examples of programs offered. The possibilities are endless, and vary by school.

Art schools offer students the ability to refine their artistic skills at a college level, gain valuable business and marketing skills, develop interpersonal skills, and obtain advanced training while obtaining a degree or certification. It provides a great opportunity to mingle with like minded people, and learn new skills and techniques.

Depending on the program and level of training desired, most art schools offer 1 month to 2 year certification programs that train in fundamental art / program skills, 2 year associate degrees, or 4 year bachelor's degrees as a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in liberal arts, or a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in professional programs. Post graduate degrees, or master's degrees, are also available at select art schools.

If you are interested in a specific area of ​​study or a certain program, it makes sense to look at art several schools to find the one that best fits your needs. Understand what your career objectives are, and how much time and money you can invest on your education. Based on that, determine what certification or degree level you want to obtain, and what art schools offer that particular field of study. Research the reputation of the school and placement of graduates. Visit the school and observe the facility, classes, students, and faculty.

Many art schools also offer online certification and degrees, which may make sense for you if you want to stay at home and earn your degree, or are working and want to attend school on a part time basis.

Make sure any art schools that you look at are accredited by a National Association in your program area (ie National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT), etc.). Accreditation ensures that the school meets quality standards set forth by the National Commission, and allows students to participate in federal and state financial aid programs.

Art schools expand the career options you have after high school, or can offer additional training and experience to those who might be interested in pursuing something a little different than what they are doing now. With such a wide variety of programs, it makes sense to check them out, and see what might be in store for your creative side.

Source by Cathy Seiler