Art Classes in San Francisco for Kids

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Getting your kids into classes in San Francisco is one of the best ways to expand their horizons. Your kids can learn about things that do not get to cover in school, or gain a more in-depth knowledge of things that really enjoy. For building creativity, art classes are definitely key. Instead of just playing with crayons at home, your kids can really learn more about art and how it's made by taking classes that are offered in the San Francisco area. Here are just three classes your kids might love:

Hand Building Ceramics Classes at the Sharon Art Studio

Hand building is the most basic way to make ceramic arts. Instead of using a wheel, you use your hands to build projects of all sorts. In these classes, kids can learn how to make everything from animal sculptures to masks to planters to cups. The class will vary each session, depending on the instructor and students.

During the class, students will meet once a week for about seven weeks. It's a great way for your kids to spend an evening, and it can really build creativity. Hand building ceramics classes are especially suitable for kids who are very tactile. If your child is always touching things and manipulating objects with her hands, she may find that she falls in love with playing with ceramics and clay. An affordable art class focused on ceramics is one way to find out!

Saturday Morning Classes at Destination Art

Destination Art is a studio and teaching facility just for kids. It offers summer camps and preschool art programs for kids who need to get out of the house. One of its best programs, though, are Saturday morning classes. The fun thing about these classes is that they are not focused on one specific medium! Kids can experience everything from building sculptures with found objects to painting with brushes and fingers to working with clay.

You can purchase a monthly membership so your kids can do classes every Saturday morning, or you can just drop in on the Saturdays when you need a little something to do.

Age Appropriate Classes at the San Francisco Children's Art Center

The San Francisco Children's Art Center is a great place for kids to enjoy art of all sorts. The youngger kids classes are set up to allow kids to experience all different types of mediums, including making their own playdough! Classes for older kids are themed and give children a more in-depth experience with mediums like paint, clay, and sculpture from found objects.

The classes run in sessions for each season. If you want to commit, you can sign your kids up for a weekly session that allows them to explore something new each and every week. If not, just drop into classes for a different rate. Classes take place throughout the week and at many different times so you're sure to find one that fits into your schedule!

Source by Jennifer Rasmussen