Art and Design School Prerequisites

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Those times are gone when people used to speak that it was very difficult to make a career in arts. There are more art and design schools in the US today than you might imagine! They make it easy for you to go through different university and college undergraduate art and design programs. These academic programs lead to degrees, diplomas and certificates in areas like the fine arts of drawing, painting, sculpture and film as well as different kinds of industrial, graphic, web, fashion, interior and architectural designing.

Although there is no problem in locating an Art and Design School, you need to spend considering amount of time in going through college catalogs and searching websites. Choosing an Art and Design school or program can be a difficult and time-consuming job. Initially, you may have to consider: whether you wish to pursue a degree, diploma or certificate, study on a full-time or part-time basis, what major areas of specializations interest you, how important special features such as industry internship, international exchange and so forth are to your decision and the importance of cost, location and other factors. Once you have made up your mind on this, you will further have to explore the choices of Art and Design Schools.

Art and Design Programs include Fine Arts and Design Programs and Fine Arts and Design Majors. If you are considering going to school for Fine Arts and Design, your post-secondary planning process should begin as early as high school. Fine arts and Design schools and programs are very competitive and rigorous. Therefore, plan your high school programs accordingly. Compulsory subjects that you will have to take on are English, Speech and Communications, Creative arts, Creative Writing and Mathematics to ensure that you are well prepared for the schools that you choose. Physics and Computer skills are also beneficial for certain programs in this field.

If you are still in high school and are thinking about going to school for Fine Arts and Design, there are several additional things that you need to for being accepted as a student. Do not forget that your portfolio must ensure your place as a potential student. So, devote your attention in preparing an attractive portfolio in school and at home. For most institutions your portfolio will be a critical factor in determining your admission.

Also, be independent in your studies. This is a good way to develop interests, expand your knowledge and improve your vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills. This will also help in your interview.

Fine Arts and Design admission committees are most often interested in a student's personal qualities, which can be developed through participating in extracurricular activities. Consider joining school clubs related to your area of ​​interest. This is also a good way to develop demonstrated leadership skills which are an important aspect of any competitive application.

Another important prerequisite is your work experience – paid or voluntary. It will certainly increase your chances of admission and is an achievement often regarded highly by admission committees. Validating your interest by providing direct service to arts-based activities in your community is also a good way to demonstrate your commitment and can make a lot of difference in the selection process.

Never shy away from developing your skills too. Taking arts or craft classes in your community is another way to show that you are serious and have already built up some knowledge in this field. This should also be included in your portfolio. Participation in local art competitions will enhance your selection opportunities.

If you keep all these in mind, you can easily find your way to the Best Art and Design Schools of your choice.

Source by Erik R Johnson